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The new film of Andrea Del Boca & Adrian Suar is
on Home Video now! - Here you can buy it.

Here it will cost you only 20$ (US).

The story:
Veronica (Andrea Del Boca) is working in a company with
Karmelo (Adrian Suar), One day she flights to L.A. and she comes back with
a boyfriend. Karmelo is in love with Veronica, and he's dying to tell her.
Karmelo is getting into a situation when Veronica thinks he's gay.
He told her that he's gay, because he wants to be with her.
Veronica as a good friend of him, meet him with another guy, and the other
guy is falling in love with Karmelo.
Veronica ask Karmelo to joing her to her Grand-Mother's house to take
her wedding dress (she was about to marry Federico, her boyfriend).
There he tells her the truth that he is not gay and he is in love with her...

The Best Movie Andrea Del Boca Has Ever Made!
Funny, Shocking, Romantic.....

"Apariencias" / "Appearance"
Now on VHS!

The movie is in Spanish, Without translation!

If you would like to have a copy:
Send 20$ (American Dollars) + your home address.
The Video will get to you in 3-4 weeks...

The Address:

Tomer Rabi
Israel, Rishon-Lezion
Shmuel Sharira 2

For more information:

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